The staging level, now called Durango, is almost totally hidden UNDER the Chama yard and turntable / roundhouse tables.  It is where we store the trains in between sessions.  In the time period we are modeling the Chama to Antonito section of the DRGW was simply that, just a small section of a much larger railroad.  So trains come from the east or west and pass through this section of railroad.  In actual fact since the northern most terminus was Denver and the southern most was Silverton, their railroad was designated North / South through this section.  We however refer to it as East (Antonito) and West (Chama).  This staging level also serves that purpose and allows us to have trains come and go off of our little part of the world.  The staging level is built at an average height of 26 inches off of the floor.  This is not a comfortable height for running trains or for viewing but since most all of this track will be hidden it is OK for our use. It is just for staging and storing of trains.

Text Box: As we build more and more of our adventure we will try and keep this little site updated with more of the story and of course some pictures of what we are up to.  Now to the pictures, what you will se is that we are more interested in the adventure, than we are interested in scale modeling or museum quality structures.  We are into the fun of building a railroad and having fun.  We hope you have fun as we share with you the 1940DRGW railroad.  Enjoy!

Denver &

Rio Grande Western

Narrow Gauge


Track Diagrams

Staging Level

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