The main level shows Chama Yard, a loop around the turntable and roundhouse, exiting off to the upper right counter clockwise around the hidden helix.  Then it runs from right to left across the top of the plan.  It then runs from top to bottom down the left side of the plan.  Next it runs from left to right across the bottom of the plan to circle around the second helix in a clockwise direction.  We have now run from Chama, across the Chama River Bridge, through the Narrows, passed through the village of Lobato, across the high steel Lobato trestle and entered into the village of Cresco.  From here we can continue on our adventure by heading up the helix to the next level.  The main level is built at 41 1/2 inches off of the floor.  On the far right is the service tracks that serve the workbench area.  Access to the service area is from the lower level or Staging Level.

Denver &

Rio Grande Western

Narrow Gauge


Track Diagrams

Main Level

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