Here we start on the upper level by exiting the helix on the lower center of the plan in a clockwise direction and enter the village of Cumbres.  From here we head across the bottom of the plan from right to left and then up the left hand side through the village of Toltec.  After Toltec we come to the water tower at Lava and proceed across the top of the plan from left to right.  We cross the Los Pinos pile trestle also known as the Hangman’s trestle.  We then enter Antonito at the end of the line for our adventure.  To return to Chama we just need to continue around the upper loop and head back down the mountain.  The next page will show you where we store the trains in between sessions.  This level will have an average height from the floor of 65 inches.

Denver &

Rio Grande Western

Narrow Gauge


Track Diagrams

Upper Level

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