Block of the Month Train Quilt 2002 / 2003

The Block of the Month project for our group is a train quilt.  It was designed by Russ and Linda wood and is presented here for easy access.  Our only request is that if you decide to try this quilt, that for each of the blocks you make, please make two.  The second one should be sent to Chiloquilters, P.O. Box 927, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624.  These blocks will be made into a quilt displayed at the Train Mountain Railroad Museum in Chiloquin.  Each block will be presented as printable PDF file that can be downloaded and printed on your computer.  As space permits it will also be posted here as an online viewable file.  Please forward any and all comments good and bad to

Block of the Month

Block Three—Gondola/Flat Car / Printable Version


Block Three—Gondola/Flat Car / Viewable Version

Block Four—Passenger Car / Printable Version


Block Four—Passenger Car / Viewable Version

Block Five—Caboose / Printable Version


Block Five—Caboose / Viewable Version

Pick your own colors, your own backgrounds, your own styles, and they all look just great.  I think the passengers in the train are enjoying the trip too, isn’t that a Quilting magazine she’s reading!  Show this to your ‘other half’ and they’ll want to know where that spot is with all those deer.  I think the train blocks are creative, colorful, and most of all, a lot of fun!  Good job to all participants.

Block Six—Steamer / Printable Version


Block Six—Steamer / Viewable Version



Block Seven—Diesel / Printable Version


Block Seven—Diesel / Viewable Version