Welcome to the Chiloquilters web site.  We are located in Chiloquin, Oregon, in the south central portion of the state.  Located 25 miles north of Klamath Falls.  The members of this group all have one common interest and that of course is quilting.  This site will be used for posting notices of upcoming events and for posting any kinds of goodies related to quilting.  We have posted our Railroad / Train quilt, designed by Russ and Linda Wood.  If you have any comments or suggestions please email us at russ@hobby-tronics.com, thanks for your interest.


In addition to our annual quilt show we also produce a special quilt every year that we raffle off.  The proceeds from the raffle quilt support lots of special community activities.


Here’s the rules for use of any information contained on this website:  Please feel free to use any of the patterns for your own use.  Do NOT use this information for resale.  The only exception is if you make a quilt using these patterns and you wish to sell it, by all means, do so, but how about sending us a picture first!  russ@hobby-tronics.com,  or:



P.O. 927

Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

Updated 6/5/2018