The town of Chiloquin is raising money to build a community center.  This is a project that is now in its third year and is almost ready to break ground and start the construction.  I twill be a great addition to downtown Chiloquin and will include a library, and meeting rooms.  As part of the fund raising activities, the Chiloquilters made a maple leaf quilt and raffled it off.  The raffle raised over $800 in ticket sales.  Sounds great right, well there’s more.  The winning ticket was drawn at our second annual Train Mountain Auction and Dinner.  The winning ticket was held by a member of this group who helped make the quilt.  She graciously donated it to the Auction and an additional $535 was made at the Auction, a total of $1,335 for our first project!

Two views of the completed maple leaf quilt.  Each of the ladies in the group made several of the blocks and then as a group we sewed it all together.  Judy Doud did the quilting on her new quilting machine.

During the summer time the group meets at Train Mountain and participates in their scheduled meets.  This allows the ladies of Train Mountain to join in with the Chiloquilters and share in the joy of quilting.  As you can see the turn out is always great.

Raffle Quilt 2002