These are the instructions for the second Block of the Month Train Quilt Block.  The instructions will be kept simple and lots of the details will be left up to you.  The color selections are completely yours but we will make some suggestions where appropriate.  Remember to make two, one for you and one for you to send to Train Mountain for the Train Mountain wall quilt.  Here goes.


If you made last month’s block you will see this months block is much easier.  It still has the same Strip Three and Four. But the rest is easier.  Notice also that there is an optional way to do the center portion of the box car.


A neat suggestion was made that you can put on your favorite ‘club patch’ on any of these cars and really have a special look to the rail car.  As an example, I have several Train Mountain patches and we plan on sewing on a couple of them on to one of the box cars and one of a different kind of car that will be coming up in a couple of months.


Box cars come in all different colors so have a ball.  Remember there are lots of box cars and tank cars and whatever in every train so make as many as you want (just remember to send us one).


Strip One is easy to build this month, just cut it out! .


Strip Two is built from left to right, C1 sewn to S2, C1/S2 sewn to B2, C2/S2/T2 sewn to B1,  repeat these steps to complete the right hand end and sew to complete strip two.


Strip Three is built by making the W1 wheels the same as last month (see figures below), then sewing S3 to the completed W1, add the next W1, sew to S4, complete the right hand end and sew to complete strip three.

Strip Four is built by sewing G1 to E1.  Note:  Strips Three and Four will be repeated in most of the remaining blocks for the Train Quilt.


To complete the block sew the bottom of Strip One to the top of Strip Two, the bottom of Strip Two to the top of Strip Three (special note: these seams won’t line up for Strips Two and Three as the rectangles are all different sizes), and finally the bottom of Strip Three to the top of Strip Four.  Block Two complete!

Box Car Block Copyright 2002

Printed with permission From Chiloquilters

Chiloquilters Block of the Month Train Quilt, Block Two, Box Car

Cutting Instructions